Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pics of the Clique

Ah-dorable pictures of the Pretty Committee! If you want to see more next time, you must comment!

^^OCD Scholorship Banquet^^

I styled Kuh-laire. At least she took of the Keds! ^^Outside of OCD :)^^

Super cute! ^^In the Guesthouse.^^
Wrong on so many levels!

^^Friday Night Sleepover!^^

Dylan, do nawt wear that headband ever agian! :)


Yasmin Alba said...

hey, this is yasmin alba. u told me 2 c this site on my blog. its cool, u should make another post.

maddylove said...

i love you guys. You're just absolutely ah-mazing.

xoxoxo-maddy (:

2Alpha4U said...

emg! i cant believe that u would try to act like the clique! so pathetic and SO lbr. you do know that the clique characters are fiction right?

nice try!

kathy said...

OMG I luv ur books but i wouldn't coppy the PC u act like tht in real life, in a public skool u will be teased on duh! P.S The only1 normal would be " Claire" fiction totally
put more photos on, and giv me tips i will lose my alpha status

AlphaAlpha said...

<3 i luv the clique books sooooooooo much! btw kathy im doubt ur an Alpha

monalisa said...

OH MY GAWD ! i love your movie 'the clique' and i watch it ALL TIME ! your movie is a part of my blawg, maybe you can look at it and follow me or share others :) that would be SO great !

ps: massie ? we've chatted at hotmail once .maybe you can remember ;) :D

sooo, xoxo MONA.

Bean said...


Anonymous said...

emagawd u guys r awesome the other people r just stupid o and no affense mass but leesh is my favorie im more beta o and have any tips for my friend to b more like u shes totally alpha and i <3 that she is so many responsibilities

Anonymous said...

o and mass could i have all ur guys emails thnx

this is kate signing off and saying i <3 u