Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Pretty Committee Blog

Massie Block, here!

Ehmagawd, I am practically shouting the good news! The Pretty Committee has just opened this fabulous blog to keep in touch with not only OCD students, but all of our ah-doring fans.

I, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, and Claire Lyons will be writing about anything and everything that has to do with:

-Fashion & Beauty Trends
-Whats IN and OUT
-Our lives
-And much, much more.

So keep checked in!

And although I totally enjoy you vistiting the blog and giving your responses, puh-lease do nawt beg and try to be in The Pretty Committee. You ahb-vously know us well enough to realize that we are a very exclusive clique. And trying to become one of us will only make you an EW (eternal wannabee) and a complete LBR (loser beyond repair.)

♥ Massie


Anonymous said...

Are youu guyss still on this website ?

Anonymous said...

Hey are you still usin the website?! Ok hot guy alert!! Date or ditch? Hes the skater type with just bieber hair (but he doesn't look like a girl) he wears skinny jeans and osirises and has big brown eyes <3